How To Use A Wood Fired Pizza Oven 

How To Light Your Alfa Wood Fired Pizza Oven

Follow these steps to light your Alfa wood fired pizza oven:

  1. Scrunch up newspaper and place in the centre of the oven.  

  2. Prop the kindling up around the paper and light with a match.

  3. Slowly add larger pieces of wood and close the oven door to prevent heat loss.

  4. With the help of an oven rake we move the fire to one side of the oven.

  5. Clean the refractory oven floor with the brush.

  6. Use the wood holder we keep the fire on the side of the refractory floor

  7. and then we can start to cook !

The Alfa Pizza peel set is an invaluable set of tools to safely and effectively prepare and cook on your Alfa Wood Fired Pizza Oven.