OKD are proud to be suppliers of Lynx Built in grills and Lynx BBQ carts. 


Lynx are a well known US company known for creating luxury outdoor kitchens for a discerning clientele, so much so that Lynx have been described as the makers of the “world’s greatest grill”.


Lynx grills are built to an exceptional quality to endure heavy use over many years. They have been specifically designed to be easy to clean through the use of a special welding technique that eliminates gaps and seams where moisture and grease can accumulate.

If you would like to view a Lynx Grill and the rest of our range please visit us in our showroom based in Wiltshire.


Delivery is 4-8 weeks lead time as Lynx products come directly from the USA. All orders are delivered by UK couriers and are trackable.