The Alfa Allegro wood fired pizza oven will satisfy the daily needs of the whole family and a large number of friends. With this semi-professional wood-fired oven, wood cooking has no limits.


Available in Antique red and Yellow.


This is a Top Only version. The Alfa Allegro Pizza Oven is also available with base, plese view our online store.


Measurements: 118cm width - 102cm depth - 145cm height


Heating time 20 mins

Pizza capacity 5

Bread capacity 5kg

Max oven temperature 400 degree C


The optional Oven Top cover provides year round protection from the elements. This cloth is made of an innovative material which is waterproof, breathable (prevents condensation), thermal, UV ray-resistant, resistant to bird droppings, resins and sea salt, practical and easy to handle. We suggest putting the oven, when possible, under a canopy or a shelter to keep it in perfect conditions.

Alfa Allegro Wood-fired Pizza Oven Top