Item No: #66124CE Gas Fuelled Large Pizza Oven Only

Item No: #66125CE Gas Fuelled Large Pizza Oven With Cart



The new Bull Large Gas Pizza Oven is built in Italy with sold welded construction: steel & electro galvanized steel. 


 Usable Baking Stone Dimensions: 50cm wide x 60cm deep. Place on a sturdy counter top of your outdoor kitchen or buy a Bull Stainless Steel Oven Cart. Fuelled by standard LP Gas. Bake at least 3 restaurant quality pizza at up to 400oC (750oF) in less than 3 minutes, or produce great roasts & casseroles. Bull Gas ovens are fully operational in under fifteen minutes of preheating. The rock based insulation provides superior quality and does not break down over time. The set up is very easy, but the oven is very heavy.


RRP: £2,199.99

BULL Large GAS Pizza Oven 60x60cm