Monolith Le Chef BBQ Guru Edition PRO Series in Black has all the great features of the traditional Monolith but with the added benefit of being able to control and monitor the temperature like a traditional oven. 


Available with (or without) cart and side shelves.




LeCHEF - PRO-Series 1.0 SMART GRID System

LeCHEF- PRO-Series 1.0 Firebox

LeCHEF - Smoking chips feeder system

LeCHEF - Carcoal basket with divider

Grid lifter, blower & controller mount


Choose from the DigiQ DX3 controller or the Cyber Q Controller. 




The DigiQ DX3 helps solve the two most common problems of cooking outdoors: regulating your grill’s temperature and accurately monitoring the temperature of your food. Simply fit the Pit Viper to the MONOLITH and set the control box to the required temperatures. This high-tech device enables you cook with automated precision. By measuring temperature fluctuations and consequently regulating oxygen flow for optimal temperatures. Ideal for ‘low and slow’, especially overnight jobs and large cuts of meat. Great for catering businesses and BBQ competitions.


Set: BBQ Guru DigiQ DX3, metal control box with power unit (120/240V), temperature probe for pit and food, Pit Viper fan, compatible ceramic adaptor, storage bag and user manual.





This is our high-end BBQ Guru product, the CyberQ is for BBQ enthusiasts who demand the ultimate in control and convenience. Because the CyberQ’s three digital thermometers constantly track your meat’s internal temperature. Your CyberQ notifies you when your meat is done by audio alert, e-mail, or text message. You can MONITOR and CONTROL your CyberQ remotely from a web-based device (sucxh as Amazon's Alexa). The CyberQ has an Open Lid Detection feature, it senses when the lid is open and can recover quickly to the cooking temperature. It also has the exclusive Ramp Mode feature that avoids over cooking.


Set: BBQ Guru CyberQ WiFi, control box with power unit (120/240V), large LED display, temperature probes for pit and food, Pit Viper fan, compatible ceramic adaptor, sturdy storage case and user manual


RRP Without Cart: £2,045

RRP With Cart: £ 2,175


Monolith Le Chef Black BBQ Guru Edition PRO Series