Monolith Classic Pro-Series 1.0




The Monolith Kamado Ceramic Grill 'Classic' model is the most popular Monolith model and is ideal for catering for 3-8 people. As with all Monolith models it can be used for barbecuing, smoking, baking, searing, or roasting.  

Extend the grill surface with the 2nd level grids, making it large enough to cook different dishes simultaneously. Grill diameter: 46cm Weight: 70kg. Available as Grill only or with cart. Available in red or black.



CLASSIC - Pro-Series 1.0 Smart Grid system

CLASSIC - Pro-Series 1.0 Firebox

CLASSIC - Smoking chips feeder system

CLASSIC - Charcoal basket with divider

Grid lifter


RRP: £1,125 Grill only

RRP: £1,245 with Cart

Monolith Classic Pro-Series 1.0