Monolith LeCHEF Pro-Series 1.0




Is the largest in the Monolith Grill range. Perfect for cooking large amounts of meat or simultaneous cooking of many different dishes.

Barbecuing, smoking, baking, cooking or roasting - everything is possible.


The grilling surface is quickly increased through the 2nd and 3rd level grids making it perfect for parties, street food vendors, restaurants and caterers. Available in red or black & with or without cart 

Ideal for  7 + people, Grill diameter: 55cm

Ideal size for a balcony or small terrace

Weight: 140kg, 



LeCHEF - Pro-Series 1.0 Smart Grid system

LeCHEF - Pro-Series 1.0 Firebox

LeCHEF - Smoking chips feeder system

LeCHEF - Charcoal basket with divider

Grid lifter


RRP: Without Cart £1,949

RRP: With Cart £2,079


Monolith LeCHEF Pro-Series 1.0