Bull Bison Charcoal Built In Barbecue

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The Bull Bison charcoal BBQ is a 76cm stainless steel grill. With fully adjustable charcoal holding bins, manual charcoal elevation adjustment and dual lined roll top hood.

A charcoal BBQ gives the traditional smokey flavour and for some this will always mean that they prefer a charcoal BBQ over a gas grill.

Charcoal grills burn at higher temperatures than their counterparts. Resulting in their meat charred on the outside and tender inside. The hotter temperatures ensure that you cook faster. However, you can also cook slowly using charcoal, a method known as indirect cooking. This method is used when you want the meat to absorb the charcoal’s smoky flavour without exposing your food to the extreme heat.

Made from stainless steel throughout. The double walled hood is made from a single piece of 304 stainless steel. The lack of welds or fasteners in the hood means it is less likely to suffer corrosion issues or seam failure in the long term. Lower cooking surface: 76 x 49cm + upper cooking surface: 76 x 18cm.

Inside the grill, you will find 3 separate charcoal bins. The level of the bins can be adjusted by a front-mounted crank. This charcoal grill features a built-in lid thermometer and adjustable airflow dampers, which provide more control over the temperature in your grill, offering you complete control over your cooking experience. Found under the grill there is a large ash box that makes cleaning a simple and easy task.

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The Bull Bison Charcoal built-in BBQ Warranty:

Fire box & roasting hood – Lifetime

Cooking grates – Lifetime

The Bull Bison is also available as a ‘cart’ Should you wish to have a ‘mobile’ BBQ

Bull warranty and additional information relating to the Bull Bison built-in grill

Bull installation spec sheet for the Bison built-in charcoal grill