Infrared Searing Grill Burner for Lonestar – Angus – Brahma – 7 Burner



Bull infrared searing burner – Suitable for the Steer, Lonestar, Angus, Brahma, Diablo and 7 Burner models.
With 5.86kHw of heating power, the Bull Searing Burner offers you the opportunity to create restaurant quality steak at home that is just not possible without an infrared searing burner.  Installed in less than a minute this infrared burner replaces one cast stainless steel burner in your Bull grill. Perfect for searing a whole array of foods from meats, fish and veggies. This infrared burner replaces one burner in all on the Bull Premium gas grills listed above.
Please note: this Bull BBQ searing burner only fits the Bull grills noted and will not fit any other brand of grills.
Item No: #20505CE

RRP: £339.99

Standard Specification

  • 6kWh
  • Replaces 1 Cast Stainless Burner
  • Easy to install
  • Sleek: attractive design
  • Durable stainless steel construction
  • CE Certified

Dimensions: Length 16.8cm, Depth 40.8cm, Height 7.1cm

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