Lynx Grills & Burners

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OKD are proud to be authorised suppliers of Lynx grills and burners.

Built in grills and Lynx BBQ carts.

Lynx are a well known US company known for creating luxury outdoor kitchens for a discerning clientele, so much so that Lynx have been described as the makers of the “world’s greatest grill”. Lynx’s Sedona grills remove the guesswork. One-third of its grates sit over a powerful infrared burner, while the remaining grates rest over rows of ceramic, radiant briquettes. These white blocks retain heat and repel grease, so as they come into contact with food juices during cooking, they return the aroma and flavor to the meat above. Both the briquettes and the infrared artificial heat sources designed to be consistent, therefore making them easy to monitor and to last a lifetime.

Lynx Professional series grills are available with many different combinations of the Lynx ceramic burners or Trident infrared burners.

Lynx grills are built to an exceptional quality to endure heavy use over many years. They have been specifically designed to be easy to clean through the use of a special welding technique that eliminates gaps and seams where moisture and grease can accumulate.

In summary, the hallmark features of Lynx Grills include hand crafted construction, integrated illumination, hot surface ignition, heat stabilizer and ProSear™ technology. A truly enviable addition to any garden, terrace or entertaining space.


Delivery is 8-12 weeks lead time as Lynx products come directly from the USA. All orders are delivered by UK couriers and are trackable.