Whistler Pre-Built Outdoor Kitchens

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Create an instant Outdoor Kitchen with one of our Whistler pre-set Stainless Steel kitchens. Catering for all outdoor sizes and spaces with a wide variety of set-ups to choose from. Entertaining family and friends has never been easier.

​Levelling Castors – enabling you to adjust the height of each unit according to your patio or flooring, giving you a level and professional finish.

​304 Cooking Grates – Resistant to oxidisation and corrosion. The chromium protects the product from oxidisation and rust, and the higher the nickel content the more resistant stainless steel is to corrosion.

​Work Surfaces – Laminam is a high quality robust material that offer the following qualities: Highly scratch and abrasion resistant, high strength, heat and wear resistant, chemical resistant, UV resistant, hygienic surface and easy to clean.