Whistler Cirencester Ceramic Briquettes



Whistler Cirencester 4 & 6 BBQ Ceramic Briquettes


Ceramic briquettes distribute the heat evenly throughout your grill, retain heat thus reducing the amount of energy it takes to keep your BBQ hot. Offering you the benefits of both gas and charcoal cooking, the briquettes will radiate heat even after the gas has been turned off. Long lasting and self-cleaning, great at producing the smokey, charry smell of a bbq from the juices of the meat falling onto the briquettes and turning into flavoursome smoke.


How it works:

Start by replacing a flame tamer with a Ceramic Briquette Tray, pop the cooking grate back into position. Ignite your BBQ as usual and allow the briquettes to heat up, their colour will change once hot enough, now your ready to start cooking! You may wish to turn the gas down a little or turn off completely, depending on what you’re cooking.


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