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For the last 30 years Blastcool engineers have designed and produced premium quality commercial fridges. This Extremis series is engineered to be operated outside all the year round. All Blastcool coolers have been specifically built and safety approved for outdoor use being officially IP rated and certified.

Heated glass doors stop condensation in high humidity conditions whilst grade AISI 316 marine grade stainless steel will retain its clinical good looks for years to come. The interior construction utilises AISI 304 food grade stainless steel.

Suppliers to five star hotels along with roof top bars across the world. The Extremis series embodies this development heritage and enables the user to bring 5 star hospitality standards to their home, no matter what the climate. Option of solid or glazed doors

​​​Precision Control – Danfoss electronic controller regulates internal temperature as well as the automatic defrosting regime. Adjust the temperature simply by pressing the up and down arrows. ECO setting for standby operation and the control panel has switches for mains power, interior lighting as well as door heat. Built-in voltage protection functionality protects the compressor from highly damaging spikes from the power grid.

High performance fan – The Extremis range is designed to chill to 1C in ambient conditions of up to 43C and each does so using minimal electricity.

Interior illumination – Select either white or blue interior lighting by using the switch conveniently provided on the control panel fascia.

Compressor – The Extremis range makes use of the latest Variable Speed technology from Brand leaders Secop and Embraco. The compressor speeds up or slows down according to the demands being made upon it rather than simply switching on and off. The benefits include a 40% energy saving compared with a standard compressor.

Lockable doors

Safely glass – Two layers of toughened safety glass help to ensure that the glass is resistant to breakage.
Stylish 304 grade stainless steel long bar door handles
Self closing doors


Blastcool products will be delivered within 3-4 days if in stock. We will contact you to  advise when delivery can be made.