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The Alfa Dolce Vita Gas Pizza oven is a truly remarkable wood-fired oven. Place on any suitable surface and you’ll be cooking in 15 minutes! This unique model is set up to use gas for efficient and speedy cooking, but if you wish to cook with wood, simply use the gas burner cover and experience the joys of a wood-fired pizza oven also. (Select Hybrid kit at check out)

Perfect for your garden, the Dolce Vita pizza oven conveys elegance and character in both classic and contemporary settings. The stainless steel finishing’s highlight it’s robustness and craftsmanship at the same time. Perfect for not only cooking gourmet pizzas, but also for making wonderful dishes to enjoy with your guests.

Good to know:
  • The gas-fired oven stainless-steel dome enables it to reach high temperatures with low gas consumption.
  • The pyrometer measures the temperature of the cooking chamber.
  • The large glass door allows you to check if food is cooked properly.
  • On receipt of your Alfa Dolce Vita pizza oven, place it on a supporting surface, insert the flue, connect it to the gas pipe and your ready to ignite!
  • The oven floor’s interchangeable firebricks, completely manufactured ‘in-house’, store heat and transfer it to food during cooking.
  • The internal structure is made of 441 stainless steel to withstand high temperatures.
  • The exterior is made of Scotch Brite Finished stainless steel normally used in commercial kitchens.
  • Oven floor dimensions 80cm x 60cm
  • Pizza capacity = 4 (or 4kg bread)
  • Available as a ‘top only’ oven

The optional Hybrid Kit is entirely manufactured with stainless steel AISI 441 and has been specifically conceived to be an easy-to-use tool. It allows you to turn your gas oven into a wood firing oven.

The optional Oven Top cover provides year round protection from the elements. This cloth is made of an innovative material which is waterproof, breathable (prevents condensation), thermal, UV ray-resistant, resistant to bird droppings, resins and sea salt, practical and easy to handle.

We suggest putting the oven, when possible, under a canopy or a shelter to keep it in perfect conditions.

Additional information: Alfa Dolce Vita 4 Pizze pizza oven data sheet

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