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Alfa are proud to be a worldwide leader in manufacturing residential wood, gas and hybrid ovens. To make authentic Italian pizza, the floor of the oven needs to impart heat quickly enough for the crust to be crisp before the dough is overcooked, but not so quickly that it burns!

Alfa’s approach is to combine Italian tradition and craftsmanship with cutting-edge materials and engineering:


Alfa ovens now come in two highly distinctive lines:

The Moderno line was designed for people who want an oven with a confident, contemporary look, offering bold colours, strong lines and a paired-back aesthetic.

While the Classico range is based on soft curves and subtle colours, resulting in an classy, elegant oven that will fit discretely into your garden or patio area.

Both lines also offer several size options, ensuring there will definitely be a model that’s right for you, whether you want to make one pizza at a time
or perhaps feed a crowd.

The Moderno line also includes a gas-fired portable oven, enabling you to enjoy authentic pizza whilst out and about, visiting friends or take with you on your next caravan/camping holiday.

Home entertaining made easy, a delicious authentic pizza can take just 90 seconds to cook, although possibly a little longer to make. You will be a Pizzaiolo in no time at all! producing traditional style Italian pizza and much more.

Why buy ALFA?

The researchers from the Alfa R&D team have developed the innovative Heat Genius™ technology to allow you to enjoy pizzas at home that are just as good as those made by your favourite restaurant.

Thanks to the Heat Genius™ intelligence, the toppings of your pizzas will cook at one temperature and the dough at another, the result being that each pizza will be consistently fragrant, tasty and well cooked.

Inside Alfa Heat Genius™ ovens, the heat is slowly released from the refractory stone and radiated evenly through the oven’s curved walls.

This allows the condiments to cook faster, releasing some of their moisture, and the dough to become crunchy without burning, thus achieving a perfect balance – perfetto!

Alfa Pizza Oven

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Alfa Pizza ovens are both designed and made in Italy. Every Alfa pizza oven is visually stunning, of exceptional quality and make a great centre piece to any garden or patio.


Alfa products will be delivered within 2-3 working days if in stock.